Test validation

At the heart of every reliable assessment lies rigorous test validation. In the nuanced realm of psychometrics, our commitment at Psylab is to provide impeccable test validation services, ensuring your assessments measure precisely what they’re designed to.


Our expert team is dedicated to establishing and reaffirming the accuracy, reliability, and relevance of your tests, setting the gold standard in assessment quality.


Comprehensive validation process

We delve deep, employing a multi-faceted approach to test validation. By examining each component, from individual items to the overarching structure, we confirm the test's alignment with its intended purpose and target audience.


Reliability and consistency analysis

It's vital for any assessment tool to deliver consistent outcomes. At Psylab, we rigorously assess the stability and precision of your tests, ensuring they produce reliable results irrespective of variations in conditions or time intervals.


Criterion and construct validity

We evaluate how well the test measures up against established standards (criterion validity) and ensure it accurately represents the intended construct or trait, providing a robust foundation for your assessment's validity.


Feedback and iteration

Test validation is an ongoing journey. Based on feedback and emerging trends in psychometrics, we constantly refine and update validation processes, maintaining the test's relevance in an evolving landscape.

Our customers

Our clients trust in the robustness and precision of our test validation services. Their feedback underscores our unwavering commitment to upholding excellence and our tailored strategies to meet diverse assessment needs.

Alina Shabatov, Behavioral scientist and psychometrician
Message from the Founder

I’m excited about the endless possibilities in the world of psychometrics, and I can’t wait to assist your company in harnessing these innovations to achieve unparalleled success.

Psylab was established with the goal of seamlessly integrating advanced psychometric principles into practical settings, guaranteeing that businesses are equipped with the top-tier assessment methodologies. And as we continue to push the boundaries in psychometric research and application, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast. Thank you for considering us as your psychometric partner. 

Alina Oshyna
Behavioral scientist and psychometrician
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