Test development services

Are you looking for an experienced expert in psychometrics to support your assessment needs? Whether you’re navigating the challenges of building a new assessment or optimizing an existing one, we’re here to assist you. Our test development services are designed to meet the unique demands of various industries.


If you’re looking for a psychometric advisor, you’ve come to the right place. We ensure every test is reliable, valid, and perfectly suited to your requirements.


Custom test development

Leveraging our deep expertise, we design tests from the ground up, ensuring they're aligned with your objectives and the target audience's profile. Each test is crafted with a keen attention to detail, reflecting the highest standards of psychometric principles.


Test review and enhancement

At Psylab, our experts meticulously analyze your existing assessments, offering insights and modifications to boost their effectiveness and relevance. Our goal is to rejuvenate and revitalize tests, ensuring they meet contemporary needs and standards.


Psychometric analysis

From item response theory to reliability assessments, we ensure your tests are statistically sound and ready to withstand scrutiny. By diving deep into analytics, we reveal actionable insights that can drive improvements and refinements.


Training & support

We offer comprehensive training sessions for your team, ensuring they're equipped to administer, interpret, and utilize test results effectively. Beyond training, our ongoing support ensures seamless integration and utilization of assessments.

Our customers

Across diverse industries and needs, our valued customers consistently choose us for our unparalleled expertise in psychometrics. Their trust is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our tailored approach to every project.

Alina Shabatov, Behavioral scientist and psychometrician
Message from the Founder

I’m excited about the endless possibilities in the world of psychometrics, and I can’t wait to assist your company in harnessing these innovations to achieve unparalleled success.

Psylab was established with the goal of seamlessly integrating advanced psychometric principles into practical settings, guaranteeing that businesses are equipped with the top-tier assessment methodologies. And as we continue to push the boundaries in psychometric research and application, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast. Thank you for considering us as your psychometric partner. 

Alina Oshyna
Behavioral scientist and psychometrician
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