About Psylab

Psylab was founded with the mission to bridge the gap between cutting-edge psychometric theories and real-world applications, ensuring that businesses have access to the best assessment strategies available. 

Alina Shabatov, Behavioral scientist and psychometrician
Message from the Founder

I’m excited about the endless possibilities in the world of psychometrics, and I can’t wait to assist your company in harnessing these innovations to achieve unparalleled success.

Psylab was established with the goal of seamlessly integrating advanced psychometric principles into practical settings, guaranteeing that businesses are equipped with the top-tier assessment methodologies. And as we continue to push the boundaries in psychometric research and application, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast. Thank you for considering us as your psychometric partner. 

Alina Oshyna
Behavioral scientist and psychometrician

Recent projects

Take a glimpse into the recent projects, showcasing dedication in delivering top-notch psychometric solutions.

Being one of the biggest world financial corporations, Moody’s has acquired CSI Global Education Inc.(CSI), Canada’s leading provider of financial learning, credentials, and certification. As a vendor of psychometric services, I implement orders to improve and modernize the psychometric properties of Moody’s certification exams.

As a member of the psychometrics team of this start-up whose mission is to automate and optimize person-job matching by means of sound psychometrics and ML algorithms, I took part in the development of new assessments and result-based feedback reporting.

I was the only psychometrician in Neurotech, and I provided full psychometric support to the MOXO d-CPT, an Israeli-developed continuous performance test used in clinical settings. My job was to perform ongoing analyses (i.e. reference norm computations), evaluate the current psychometric properties of the test, and suggest new features for future development.

I provided a range of psychometric services from item creation and test development to in-depth analysis and modernization.

I was the one responsible for the cross-cultural adaptation of the line of tests of Adam Milo – Israel’s largest HR firm. Also, these tests are used by the Israeli government.

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