Use cases

At Psylab, we pride ourselves on offering specialized solutions for a range of use cases, ensuring that each assessment tool is perfectly tailored to its intended application and audience.

Use cases


From assisting organizations with professional certifications to ensuring that assessments are culturally apt and universally valid, our depth of knowledge spans across a diverse range of use cases. Each assessment we develop is meticulously tailored to align perfectly with its intended purpose.


We help organizations and institutions develop rigorous assessment tools for the certification of professionals, ensuring they meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Personality testing

Our team specializes in creating and validating personality tests that provide deep insights into individual characteristics, helping in personal development and organizational placements.

Job-specific test development

Understanding the unique demands of various roles, we design job-specific tests that accurately evaluate a candidate’s suitability. By aligning our assessments with the specific competencies and skills required for a position, we ensure employers find the right talent for the job.


Our expertise extends to the clinical domain, where we develop tools that aid in diagnostic processes, patient assessments, and treatment planning.

Cross-cultural adaptation

Ensuring assessments retain their validity across cultures is crucial. We adapt tests for different cultural contexts, maintaining their original intent and effectiveness.

Ipsative tests

We design ipsative tests that compare traits within an individual rather than against external norms, providing unique intra-individual insights.

Exam security

The credibility of an exam hinges on its security. We implement state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard the integrity of each assessment.

Development of built-in response validation mechanisms

We embed advanced mechanisms within our tests to authenticate responses, guaranteeing authentic outcomes and minimizing the potential for manipulation.

Breached items detection

Our advanced analytics enable us to promptly detect any compromised items within a test, ensuring timely remediation.

Cheating alert

Through vigilant monitoring systems, we swiftly detect and notify relevant parties of any unusual behavior or potential dishonesty during a test.

Alina Shabatov, Behavioral scientist and psychometrician
Message from the Founder

I’m excited about the endless possibilities in the world of psychometrics, and I can’t wait to assist your company in harnessing these innovations to achieve unparalleled success.

Psylab was established with the goal of seamlessly integrating advanced psychometric principles into practical settings, guaranteeing that businesses are equipped with the top-tier assessment methodologies. And as we continue to push the boundaries in psychometric research and application, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast. Thank you for considering us as your psychometric partner. 

Alina Oshyna
Behavioral scientist and psychometrician
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