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A game-based locus of control assessment

Especially valuable for recruiting in engineering positions, this assessment provides unique insights into individuals’ tendencies and preferences, aiding in the identification of ideal candidates.

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Why locus of control matters

Locus of control is linked to high information processing ability, action orientation, transformational leadership, and a propensity for handling complex, unstructured tasks – all key behaviors in demand in the current market.


Locus of control serves as the bedrock of decision-making, influencing whether individuals attribute outcomes to their own actions or external factors.

Leadership dynamics:

In the realm of leadership, individuals with an internal locus of control often exhibit a proactive approach, which is crucial for effective leadership and fostering a sense of accountability.


Those with an internal locus of control are typically more adaptable and open to embracing change, a trait of immense significance in today's rapidly evolving work environments.

Problem-solving aptitude

Individuals with an internal locus of control approach problems with a solution-oriented mindset, contributing to efficiency in addressing complex issues.

Career trajectory

Locus of control plays a pivotal role in shaping career trajectories. Individuals with an internal locus of control are more likely to set ambitious goals.

Stress resilience

Those with an internal locus of control often perceive challenges as within their control. Understanding this aspect is vital for fostering a resilient and thriving workforce.

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