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We are a Ukrainian psytech start-up, and we’re at the forefront of stress resilience diagnostics, backed by groundbreaking research. Now, we invite you to partner with us by taking part in our pilot study and to measure the stress resilience of your team or clients.

By participating in our research study, you’ll directly contribute to increasing the accuracy of stress resilience diagnostics and guide the future of this project. ✨

Take part in our research study, and you’ll receive complimentary access to personalized stress resilience reports for your team or clients, along with the opportunity to engage directly with our developers.

Seize this opportunity to integrate cutting-edge psychology and technology into your practice. Together, let’s foster resilience and well-being in your team or clients. Enroll in our pilot program now and enjoy an exclusive 50% discount on future assessments! ✨

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Why helping our research matters

Supporting our research accelerates advancements in stress resilience diagnostics, shaping a healthier future. Your contribution fuels innovation and positive change.

Pioneer in Stress Diagnostics

Lead the way in understanding and managing stress. Join our pilot program as a stress pioneer and gain access to cutting-edge stress diagnostics. Be at the forefront of workplace well-being!


Catalyze Resilience

Discover a faster, simpler, and more effective stress diagnostic approach in our pilot program. Take your diagnostics to new heights with ease!

Innovate with Us

Break the barriers and embrace innovation to discover the ground truth about resilience! Join our pilot and overcome the limitations of the existing methods. Transform your approach and get outstanding results!

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Engage Effectively and Elevate Performance

Uncover hidden stress factors affecting your team’s performance. Boost employee engagement with actionable stress resilience insights. Join our pilot program now for stress resilience insights and optimize your team dynamics to create a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Get Transformative Insights

Empower your team or clients with resilience insights. Take the lead in stress diagnostics, guiding your team or clients toward a resilient and thriving future. Join our pilot program to transform stress into strength!

Your Impact Matters

Your participation contributes to groundbreaking stress resilience research and enhances stress resilience diagnostics, fostering a mentally healthier society, one participant at a time. Join the pilot to shape the future of mental health diagnostics and receive free, personalized reports.

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